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Winter package from 290 €

The Ranna Puhkebaas sauna house is located directly on the shores of Lake Peipus. On the ground floor there is a common room with fireplace, a kitchenette, and a sauna. The sauna with lobby/dressing room has a separate entrance.

On the second floor there is a bedroom with a large spacious view directly on Lake Peipus. Awakening with the sunrise from the lake.

Sauna house winter package from 290 euros

• Sauna house with accommodation for up to 6 people (two larger double beds and extra beds);

• Breakfast material and a small snack to the sauna for 6;

• Finnish sauna with wood heating – sauna towels, bathrobes for 6;

• Outdoor pool with hot water;

• The sauna house can accommodate up to 10 people. 20 euros per person will be added to the basic package for more than six people attending.

Special experiences as an additional service:

Ranna sauna spa treatment 60 euros per person

• The sauna house can accommodate up to 10 people. 20 euros per person will be added to the basic package for stays of more than six people;

• Ranna sauna spa 60 euros per person – we teach you how to correctly slap with a bundle of birch twigs, when to use beauty masks while in the sauna, and when to relax in the herb pool. Included in the price are bundles of birch twigs, exfoliating mask for body and face, mask for body and face, lotions.

• Flavored water and a small sauna-snack.

Alatskivi Restaurant chef’s dishes upon reservation

Ranna Puhkebaas sauna house is located on the naturally beautiful shore of Lake Peipus, in a lovely little village. We also want to offer you something special in our extremely private sauna house and extraordinary views.

The chef of Alatskivi Castle has specially prepared a restaurant-level dinner for you, which you can partly prepare yourself so that it will be fresh, warm and wonderful for you at just the right time. The restaurant provides instructions with cooking times for how to prepare the meals.

In addition to delicious food, we add one bottle of Alatskivi Tastes honey wine.

Set with lamb shank – 25 euros per person

• Lamb shank cooked at low temperature (sheep pre-cooked for  5 hours). 1 shank per person;

• Castle Coin-sauce (served in a small jar that can be kept);

• Vegetable kebabs (zucchini, mushrooms, onions, peppers) with herb oil and balsamic vinegar;

• House seed-bread, and cream cheese spread.

Set with chicken 18 euros per person

• Chicken wings in a slightly spicy marinade;

• Potato chips or sweet potatoes;

• Vegetable sticks (carrots, cucumbers, peppers);

• Cold sour cream-dill sauce;

• Bruchetta with tomato-onion salsa.

Set with pork 15 euros per person

• Pork cooked on alder plank on low temperature with bbq sauce;

• German potato salad;

• Marinated red onion;

• House seed-bread and cream cheese spread.

Hike in nature with a guide 350 euros

• About a four-hour guided hike to nature, where we get to know different forest communities in Estonia, learn what to observe in the forest, and how animals and birds live in our forests. The guide is a greatly experienced naturalist, from whom it is worth asking anything, and who always has very good stories from nature in stock.

• With you you get to bring hand-pies, and hot soup in a thermos.

• Group size about 4-10 people.

• The price does not depend on the number of people.

Ask for a special offer if you want to spend more than one day in the Ranna sauna house and you also want to add additional services!


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